Giant sculpture – a copy of the long-lived tree

Few people know that the symbol of the state of Washington is a coniferous tree – western hemlock. American John Grade recently presented its new creation – a giant sculpture , a replica of the 140-year-old long-lived tree .



Sculpture «Middle Fork» presented at the exhibition in the exhibition hall MadArt in Seattle. Its creation required work of more than one dozen volunteers, the project was launched a year ago, and now everyone can absolutely free to see impressive results.


The sculpture is a replica of the tree, which for almost half a century, growing in North Bend (Washington).To implement the project needed to make a “cast” a giant long-lived, move plaster model in the exhibition center, but already there is a sculpture to reproduce the image and likeness of the original woodblocks. Total for the creation of this art object needed thousands of parts.


The project could participate anyone, so that the doors of the exhibition hall is not closed (literally). Most often, students, technicians, collectors and couples with children. Visitors happy to join in the creative process. John Grady sure that this social initiative allows strangers to get acquainted with the world, because such natural phenomena few people can remain indifferent.


While a huge tree on display in Seattle, it is planned that it will be seen also in London and Washington.After a long “tour” sculpture transported to the place where the tree itself grows. According to the author, art object will gradually break down, to decline, thereby returning back to nature.


Despite the fact that the Washington tree survived until such a venerable age, the world is a lot of long-lived trees , whose age is well over a thousand-year mark, making them the same age pyramid of Cheops. Well, the world is beautiful and amazing, just need the desire to discover new facets of his.


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