Best Gif’s of the Day – December 11, 2014

He was born ready.

Stephen Colbert as Legolas (link in comments)


Love is blind

Harlem Globeotter

Accurate depiction of childhood entertainment in the 90s

Well done. Simple but with maximum result.

Dog senses earthquake

Self stabilizing boat ramp

Gif Wrapping

Fire Whip

Soldier miracle

Potato chip collector

I am so excited for this movie to be coming out next year!

The Dolphins have really upped their game this year


Chipmunk doesn’t mess around.

Different phases of tattoo removal process

Oh hi

Alison Brie – Pussy

Naruto copied this fight scene from Cowboy Bebop

Employees at fast food restaurants.

Stealth Mode

This person is rather deaf, slow, or freshly out of fucks.

The intro to Batman Returns on Sega CD [xpost /r/retrogaming]

I’m not sorry for this.

Girl teleports around the world by crossing her arms

Difficulty level: Asian

And I would have crapped my pants!!!

I don’t trust anyone this much. Hell. The. Fuck. No.

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