Best Gif’s of the Day – December 23, 2014

Old guy gets a gun pointed to his head. He couldn’t give a f*ck

Laser engraving a keyboard

Wife sent me a long-ass text with multiple questions

This kid is going places

Every goddamn day of my life

Unbreakable glass gets beaten

How to make your job more exciting

Let me whisper sweet nothings in your ear

Can you tie a knot?

Move bitch, get out da way

One of my favorites, always get a good laugh.

) ‘:

And this is why your Secret Santa’s gift never arrived.

Container unloading gone wrong

Dat hair flip doe

Time to panic

You ever feel like the world is working against you?

High Five See You Later

Game. On.

Sometimes you just need Picard and the gang to help you unwind.

Excited dog

Visiting the farm for the first time.

like a goddamn boss


Meanwhile, on the Autobahn…

Another impressive jump.

A computer program that teaches itself to walk

Monday Mornings

So we’re doing high jumping cats ?

Tree cutter gets hit by falling tree

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