Best Gif’s of the Day – December 26, 2014

Someone has too much time(X-post from Warthunder)

No, that’s yours!

korean cookie ad

Pool Live Aid

Pig playing fetch

What a $400 knife can do

Dog tries to climb on a couch

Am I too late for Christmas?


Turtle teamwork.

swimming crab

Landslide derails train

Cat prefers candy wrappers

Cubic gear system

The Snowball Fight

The first gif I ever animated isn’t as impressive

it’s a tiny wombat

Bell’s on Bob’s tail

X-47B Unmanned Combat Drone

Wise words from Kim Jong Un (The Interview)

Contagious yawn

“Dad, plane is dead now :(“

Coffee-serving Robot

Woman steals baby Jesus

Kim Jong Fabulous

Clickbait [oc]

Baby jaguar gets a new blanket

Volley bums

Pure awesomeness!

Cuddle time

22 years old and Spongebob still makes me giggle

Do Androids Eat Eggs?