Best Gif’s of the Day – December 30, 2014


I’ll be taking that

Awesome Earl Thomas karate chop saves a touchdown, causes a touchback.

Cats behavior in a nutshell

I’ve made a huge mistake.

Just gonna go get in bed… OH GOD WHY??

Die brother die!


Armored spider?

Best smile

Bring it here. I need to play.

Oculus Rift roller coaster reaction

I Made a Gif from an Illustration I Did

Angel Shark VS. Horn Shark

Defense against a watermelon…

You called?

The Simpsons joked about the NSA in 2007..

Knife Cutting Competition

Dancing crab

Time-lapse dandelion mural

So. Much. Nope.

Who else eats gum like this?

That is not going to happen

I’ve made a huge mistake: The Sequel

Trampoline taps out.

Bryan Cranston Sneezes

Fierce, majestic. . .but still just a cat]

Rollable laptop concept.

Purple panda visits kindergarten, terrifies children.

Those Poor Smokestacks

Tinder 2.0 Redux

hmm let’s try again this year

Skate walking

Fox kits!

Playing around with Soft Body Dynamics…

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