Best Gif’s of the Day – January 01, 2014


Meanwhile in saudi arabia

Must save the Jordans

How to use public restrooms.

Equal rights getting equal lefts

Steel wool burning

Naughty Kittikins!

Being the ball…

Trooper kid likes his turtles.

Cleaning rust off meal with a laser

There’s no way he just did that

Cat is amused with puppy trying to slap it

An important life lesson.

He’s tired because he works like a dog

Some other lightsaber designs

How to crack nuts [OC]

Trying to quietly sneak in my house after new years

“Wait…that sounds like…did you just say?…what?…wait…that sounds like…”

I miss New Years in the Philippines


Feeding a tiger mid air

It’s New Year’s Eve and here I am sitting at home making sexually suggestive Star Trek gifs……….Wes Wes Yall!


Do a bacon roll!

The incredible action movie pig

Happy Feet

Countdown to Riker.


Trippy Animal Gif I Found

John Cena really does make the strangest faces during submission holds.

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