Best Gif’s of the Day – November 29, 2014

An Apache backward leap with flare countermeasure

This is mine

That balance.

Roundhouse Knockout

She wanted kisses before her nap

On a scale of 1 to this flamingo, how confused are you?

Stabilized Millennium Falcon

The time before hockey goalies wore masks

Nature is fascinating

My favorite part of the new Star Wars teaser

Small little kid controls crowd of over 500 people.

Life is sometimes hard

5″ shrapnel shell slow motion actuation

Must go faster!



Chris Borland is smooth

Launch Pad

Shadow the white German Shepherd cares for and cuddles with a newborn baby pygmy goat

Exploding humans. (x posted from /r/interestingasfuck)

Looking for anything in Grandma’s kitchen

Guy wakeboarding on a sidewalk

Dog protecting baby human from vacuum cleaner

Problem solved!

The Transformation of Burning Man

Prince Rupert’s Drop

Hunger Games GIF – “what is the fabric doing in the that gif? looks like it is entering Battlemode” reddit commentor

Lion cub walks a bulldog

This will always be my favourite scene from ‘The Benchwarmers’

Star Wars VII: They can now pick up Freeview

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