Girl in the lap of nature: fabulous photocycle

Girls and nature – this is the perfect combination that ensures the success of photo projects. Photographer from Madrid Palacio del Elena (Elena del Palacio) recently presented a series of photographs in which the model depicted in the lap of nature. Each frame is like a fairy tale told with love and care.




The relationship of Man and Nature – a topic that interests many photographers. Elena del Palacio has the talent to see the beauty of nature and very harmonious pick female images that help to reveal the magic. In pictures reigns mysterious, subdued atmosphere, the world becomes a kind of cradle in which to sleep restful sleep “Sleeping Beauty”. Murmuring brooks, soft carpet of emerald grass, giant tree roots, animals and birds – all this can be seen in the works of Elena del Palacio.



The author shows a reverent attitude towards nature, it is ready poetize every living being, chant the beauty and fragility of the world. Heroines photocycle not seek to dominate nature, photo artist constructs the image of man, not the king of nature and of man, which is the same living organism, like all things on earth, eternal particle mechanism.



Photocycle to remind the audience that the world is full of wonders, and all that people need – is the ability to enjoy them, give yourself a time out to experience the charm of nature, to plunge into its secrets and a break from the super-fast rhythm.


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