God is love

French duo photo Epectase took conceptual and provocative series of photographs entitled “God is love”

GodisLove Epectase00

GodisLove Epectase01

GodisLove Epectase02

GodisLove Epectase03

GodisLove Epectase04

GodisLove Epectase05

GodisLove Epectase06

GodisLove Epectase07

GodisLove Epectase08

GodisLove Epectase09

GodisLove Epectase10

GodisLove Epectase11

GodisLove Epectase12

GodisLove Epectase13

GodisLove Epectase14

GodisLove Epectase15

Official website: www.epectase.org