Google`s Data Centers – Photos

Google has given us a rare opportunity to see their data centers around the world, through which every day we can use the services of the global Internet company. This labyrinth of servers that handle Web requests in a retrieval system, we show the video on YouTube, and deliver emails to millions of people. Hundreds of thousands of servers, colorful wires and even bicycles for movement of workers in the middle – in this collection you will find the data centers in the former paper mill in Finland, and specially designed server farms in Iowa, USA. Have a look inside the GOOGLE…

1. Few have seen data centers of Google, and this is for good reason, because the most important thing is the security of our data. Therefore, each center is carefully protected.

Google`s Data Centers - Photos  2. Despite the large number of Google employees around the world, only a handful of insiders have access to the servers.

Google`s Data Centers - Photos

3. Now you can see the first pictures, which depicted people, places and equipment that make running Google.

Google`s Data Centers - Photos
4. This post will show you the photographs of eight data centers from the U.S., Finland and Belgium.

Google`s Data Centers - Photos  5. Now Google is building data centers in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Chile.

Google`s Data Centers - Photos
6. Surprise! Hmm, so that’s how the guards look at the data centers of Google.

Google`s Data Centers - Photos
7. By Google’s ‘Street View’ you can take a virtual tour of the data center in North Carolina.

Google`s Data Centers - Photos 8. Here is one of the server data center in Iowa, USA, where the routes and switches allow data centers to communicate with each other. Fiber optic cable connecting the server installed on the ceiling.

Google`s Data Centers - Photos
9. Even lines in the centers painted in  colors of Google. For these colorful pipes water travels around the center in Oregon. Blue – cold water supply pipe, red –   hot water.

Google`s Data Centers - Photos  10. In Hamina, Finland, Google has decided to restore the old paper mill and stay in its territory, close to the cool waters of the Gulf of Finland.

Google`s Data Centers - Photos  11. Google server center in Douglas, Iowa.

Google`s Data Centers - Photos  12. Server facility in Dalles, Oregon, USA.

Google`s Data Centers - Photos  13. Dennis Harwood, Engineer of Google, diagnoses overheated CPU. For over 10 years, Google is building one of the world’s most powerful servers.

Google`s Data Centers - Photos 14. Google data center in Council Bluffs, Iowa, USA.

Google`s Data Centers - Photos

 15. Each server has four interface cables marked in different colors. The colors in all centers are of Google standard that facilitates the work during maintenance.

Google`s Data Centers - Photos