Gothic dress from thousands of sheets of paper : Eco-project in defense of swans

Unusual wedding dress in Gothic style presented by young Latvian designers. Hardly anyone dares to appear in such order at his own wedding, however, the authors of the project argue that pursuing very different goals – “green”.


Latvian students Yasinkevicha Dana (Dana Jasinkevica) and Enikova Dita (Dita Enikova) specially for the exhibition of fashion in Riga “Centre Gallery” created a wedding dress when you first look at which seems as if it was the darkest of the Brothers Grimm.



The dress was named Swan in Oil. Before and After (Swan in the oil before and after). The project cost the female students literally pennies, because the dress is created from more than 1,000 pieces of oval cut from paper and specially fastened together.



The texture of the dress resembles the plumage of birds. This is no accident. According to its creators, the paper dress and black-and-white photo shoot models, dressed in it, should remind the world of the “problem of the birds that are suffering from oil pollution of their natural habitat” . As is known, the swans are very often victims of environmental disasters. Especially for fans of outrageous we prepared Photos from the last fashion show British designer Gareth Pugh , who, creating spring collection 2015, drew inspiration from the pagan rituals.

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