Great ideas for Children’s Costumes for Halloween

Children love to play dress-up, imagining himself a superhero or other beloved characters, and they are great visionaries, so it is not surprising that one of their favorite children’s holiday is Halloween, which combines all the things that kids love: costumes and candy. By choosing a costume for Halloween should be approached with all plumb, because scare or touches all around not an easy thing, and original costumes from your offspring will depend on how many sweets in the end he will get. Presenting your attention the excellent ideas touching, funny and even frightening children’s costumes for Halloween.

Edward Scissorhands

1. Edward Scissorhands


2. Maleficent


3. Alien

Frida Kahlo

4. Frida Kahlo

Albert Einstein

5. Albert Einstein

Jack Frost

6. Jack Frost

Little Chewbacca and Leia

7. Little Chewbacca and Leia


8. Chuckie

Head in the fridge

9. Head in the fridge

Cute sushi costume

10. Cute sushi costume

Mouse in a mousetrap

11. Mouse in a mousetrap

Little Harry

12. Little Harry

Zombie Kid

13. Zombie Kid


14. Joker

Theft and money bag

15. Theft and money bag


16. Description

The Joker, Batman and Robin

17. The Joker, Batman and Robin


18. Werewolf

Princess Zombie

19 Princess Zombie

My Little Pony

20 My Little Pony

Petite little hot dog

21. Petite little hot dog

Cookies and milk

22. Cookies and milk

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