Handmade Bracelets with Night Sky ( Stars and Constellations )

Jewelers Magnus & Bella create customized original silver bracelets handmade. Each accessory is applied to map the night sky that reflects the location of the stars and constellations at the time of birth of the holder.


Using the information about the exact date and place of birth of the customer, with the help of specially developed software creators bracelets build individual star map for each customer, which is then transferred to a silver bracelet.



To make the topsheet bracelet like the night sky, the metal is oxidized by means of a special chemical composition. Then, on a black background manually applied silver constellations and planets.



If you want to look attractive from all sides, note the color of your smile. One of the safest ways to make simple white smile, which can be successfully applied in the home, is a pencil to whiten teeth Luxury White Pro.


Its technology is based on the use of professional whitening gel containing 35% – carbamide peroxide – a substance that under the light of LED-lamps and produces oxygen, unlike other technologies allows painless and absolutely harmless professionally whiten your teeth. This method does not cause side effects, does not damage the tooth enamel and allows you to whiten your teeth 6-10 shades on a scale Witt per application.

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