Hotel rooms with unusual views

Hotel rooms with unusual views

1. The Sentosa Resort in Singapore unveiled 11 two-storey “Ocean Suites” this week, each with a window on to the hotel’s aquarium.

2. The rooms open to the public this month (November 2012) with rates starting from around £1,200 per night.

3. Here we present a selection of other hotel rooms around the world with unusual, and often spectacular, views.

4. Giraffes, of course. Plus warthogs, bushbuck and dik dik antelope and 180 species of bird.

5. The Northern Lights (on a good day)

6. You’ve also got a good chance of seeing the Aurora Borealis at the Ice Hotel in Kiruna, Sweden (not to mention lots of ice).

7. Each room at this hotel in the German capital has a different theme. The Two Lions room, for example, features a pair of cages.

8. An airport runway

9. The rainforest canopy

10. The Shire, Middle Earth

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