How to Drink In UK ? by Peter Dench

Their is no nation in this world or countries where their is no national alcoholic beverages taken and the customs of their consumption. In this case the neighbors are very fond of each other hung shortcuts “ugly drinkers” claim that there is something there had already “crossed the line” and “alcoholism among the population acquired the character of irreversible humanitarian catastrophe”, etc., etc. . UK among in such “hopeless alcoholic” is not listed, and saluted statistical reports that the level of alcohol consumption is almost 7 lower than in Russia. Here is the situation in the lens of the famous British photographer Peter Dench. His parents worked in a brewery and beer Peter first tried at the age of 11 years.

1. Alcohol Related several papers Peter Dench. So, in 2000 he created a series of photographs entitled «DrinkUK» (Drinker UK). The lens Peter often drunken drunks and various social problems associated with alcoholism.
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2. Henley Royal Regatta, which is now the patron of Queen Elizabeth II. One of the ladies are already so tired festive libations that decided to just lie down on the grass, waiting for their turn in the toilet.

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3. Photographer finds that absolutely any event many of his fellow citizens can make an occasion for drinking. Copious libations say solar and lunar eclipses, victories and defeats favorite sports teams and even just the fact that now is the Monday or any other day of the week. And all this is seen as a serious reason for which is simply impossible not to drink.

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4. Merry picnic party in the parking lot at the races at Epsom Derby.

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5. Many people do not just drink and drink ingeniously inventing all sorts of tomfoolery, which is not always harmless.

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6. Subjects for his photographs Peter Dench looking everywhere: on the streets, pubs, and even going on a tour of duty with the paramedics who conduct survey of participants on road traffic accidents.

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7. Group of friends in St Ives while away the time drinking. To do this kind of pictures the photographer has to spend a lot of time in the companies of drinkers to those accustomed to his presence and did not pay attention to the flash, and quietly went about their business.

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8. Teens drink cider on one of the bus stops small town Cleethorpes.

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9. Visitor pub in Lancashire shows his muscles and tattoos.

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10. Consequences of the accident, which occurred by a drunk driver near Bristol.

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