How to Keep Warm In Winter: Truths and Myths

There are many ways that we use to keep warm. But it turns out, some of them do not work and can only do harm. We decided to tell the readers what methods really work and which ones – simply useless myths.

Myth number 1 Alcohol helps warm Actually alcohol only reduces the internal temperature of the body and increases the risk of hypothermia and rebuked trembling of the body, which helps us to keep warm. When we drink alcohol, we only think that is getting warmer because our blood vessels dilate, and blood gets closer to the skin surface. This is a temporary effect, and when it passes, our body’s ability to resist cold is below. “Alcohol is only good in the cold as grog, – said Gennady Semikin, Chair valeology Moscow State Technical University. Bauman. – And then in a small proportion, so that its use does not lead to intoxication.

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Myth number 2 Most of the heat escapes through the head Actually our body heat accumulates in its bends (elbows, knees, groin area) and in the legs – they are responsible for thermoregulation of the body. “Of course, you need to wear a hat that was not meningitis, – said Gennady Semikin – but actually you should keep your feet warm first. Necessarily need to wear wool socks and shoes that do not let the moisture go. After all, in Moscow in winter, its not only cold, but damp. ”


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Myth number 3Β Some gets cold because of the cold winter, many do not get cold because it gets cold out. It is rather due to the fact that we are starting to spend more time in the warm room, and there viruses spread much faster. “can catch a cold and summer – says Gennady Semikin. – It depends on the body’s ability to adapt. To be healthy, you need to train vessels: tempered and a lot of time outdoors. ”

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But the secrets that will really help you keep warm: Gingerbread cookies and gingerbread ginger since ancient times used to treat colds and stomach disease. Studies in rats have shown that ginger, even if it is simply used as a seasoning, raises the body temperature. Not for nothing have taken winter ginger cookies and gingerbread. Hot pepper and brown rice Β also help you keep warm.”Ginger and Pepper increase blood circulation in the internal organs. Spicy food is generally very good help, “- said by the head of the department valeology Moscow State Technical University. Bauman.

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Arm drinks “If a man very cold in the first place it must be warm inside, – says Gennady Semikin. – If he only gets warm outside, it can lead to dangerous consequences. Therefore, in the cold its very important to drink hot tea. Well while adding Β honey and lemon to it. ”

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Communication Research, University of Toronto showed that the person becomes warmer when he spends time in the company.From the same time spent in solitude, we can feel the cold, and it’s not a metaphor. Therefore, choosing between a meeting with friends and lonely night under three blankets, better to prefer the former. πŸ™‚


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