Help For You to Tackle Unplanned Pregnancy?

Being pregnant is not only life changing for you. A baby changes the life of everyone around you. So, deal with your unplanned pregnancy carefully and wisely.  

Pregnancy is joyous and exciting news for a woman. But, not always! The reason- it might be an unplanned pregnancy. At such times, it comes more of a shock than a happy surprise. Whether you are married or unmarried, an unplanned pregnancy can put anyone in a fix. So, read about ways you can deal and handle your unplanned pregnancy.

Help For You to Tackle Unplanned Pregnancy?

Be sure about it

First and foremost thing to do- be confirmed. Skipping periods does not mean that you are pregnant.

Either purchase a home pregnancy test kit or consult a doctor, to confirm your pregnancy. If it is a false alarm then find out why you missed your periods. Anaemia, eating and sleeping disorder or intense physical activities can also be some of the reasons behind this. But, once your pregnancy is confirmed, it is time for some action.

Do not panic!

Although easier said than done, try to be calm and think rationally. If you are underage or financially dependent, then parental guidance is essential. Go to someone whom you can trust for support and assistance. Talk to your partner and discuss your options. Married women, who already have children, need to be sure that they are prepared for another child. At the end, it is your life and your decision.

Whether you are married or not, here are some questions you need to ask yourself:

  • Are you ready to become a mother?
  • Are you financially stable enough?
  • Are you emotionally and physically ready to do this?
  • Do you have your family’s support?
  • Is your partner (husband) ready for this step?

If you have already been over such questions, then you will have to think what your next step is going to be. So, be wise about it.

Getting an abortion

By law, abortion requires to be performed by qualified doctors, under stipulated conditions, in an approved clinic or hospital. An abortion can take place with the woman’s consent only. But, parental permission is required if you are underage. An abortion can be carried out till the first 20 weeks of the pregnancy.

It can be an emotionally and physically draining experience for any woman. So, think and think well before you go through with it. Make sure you have worked out all the other options, such as talking to your partner and parents, before terminating your pregnancy for good.

Think about adoption

If it is too late or unsafe to abort, you can put up the baby for an adoption. Unmarried women, can opt for this. You can hand over your child to a licensed adoption agency. But, the best thing is to give the child to a couple whom you know. This way you can be a little relieved about the child’s future.

Sometimes the depression, of giving up the baby, is unbearable for mothers. Think of yourself as a surrogate for some other family. You are a medium of life and happiness for someone else. This way you can also stay clear of any emotional attachments, while nourishing the child after birth.

Raising the child

Nothing in this world can be compared to seeing your child smile for the first time. Bringing up a life in this world is one of the best feelings that you can experience. Before you get emotional, you need to think about you and your child’s future.

If you are married, then talk to your partner about the baby’s future and plan it carefully. If you are unmarried, you need to be sure that you are financially and emotionally strong to handle this responsibility, without thinking of it as a burden.


A child should only be brought up in a loving and caring environment, where this gift of life is truly appreciated. Think about positive things like your special moments with your baby or that this baby is a blessing. You have to be truly honest about your thoughts.




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