How womens beauty have changed over the years

When comes to talking about the standards of beauty, not to recall an old anecdote. “Why any standards devised for women only? Let’s come up with a standard for men. For example, 20 cm. And do whatever you want: eat cabbage, inflate and pull in Macau Marshmallow Froot Loops … “But even though women’s appearance and try to standardize, the ideal is constantly being transformed, so we offer to see how to change the concept of” beautiful woman “in the last hundred years .



The concept of “ideal feminine beauty” introduced illustrator Charles Gibson. In his view it was a romantic feminine girl with sloping shoulders and waist, accentuated corset.


After the First World War, an era of adolescent girls: short stature, flat chest, bright makeup, pet clothing – little black dress by Coco Chanel.


However, flat girls quickly tired of men, and in 30 years, interest has shifted again to the ladies with a curvy shape that draped in long feminine dresses.


The Second World War could not influence on fashion. Finest hour came the girls with tight figure, broad shoulders. Became trendy clothing style “military” and even appeared in the lines of bras model “Torpedo” and “Bullet”.


In the late 40’s in vogue once again includes an exaggeratedly feminine silhouettes “hourglass” with a thin waist. At this time the market goes Barbie doll as a reflection of the standard of beauty that period, and began to publish Playboy.


And in the late ’50s model Twiggy world turned upside down – unnaturally skinny petite girl. It was the era of mass fad diets, losing weight means for Weight Watchers.


Beauty 70 – a girl with a flat stomach, graceful hips and large breasts. All are also popular diets appear even cigarettes for weight loss. At the same time strengthens the view of the beauty of black women: they do not go on the covers of glossy magazines and popular as ever.


The ideal of beauty 80s – is Naomi Campbell and Linda Evangelista: high long-legged beauties, regal gait, walking on the catwalk. Becomes popular fitness because girls want to have an inflated body, rather than just running and aerobics in my spare time.


At the end of the 20th century, born unisex, fashion comes to the painful thinness and untidy clothes: sweater two sizes larger, jeans, torn at the knees. Sex Symbols of this period – Kate Moss, Winona Ryder – thin, low, without the expressed rounded.


In the early 21st century is gone Haggard anoreksichka hiding circles under the eyes behind dark glasses. It was replaced by a large high girl with strong muscles and artificial tan.


Nowadays, with the trend again feminine silhouettes and appetizing forms, especially wide hips. Short dress, high heels – pet clothing modern beauty.


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