I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! 2012 line up

1. “I am fearful of heights. I have never jumped out of a plane and I don’t even like rooms high up in a hotel. I will scream if I see a spider at home but we will all be in the camp.”

2. “British men are very charming and if the man of my dreams is in the jungle, then let it be! I am 100 per cent single.”

3.”I am not arsed about make-up and it’s not going to be my luxury item. I am sure there will be a glamour model in there who will bring”.

4. “I know there will be a backlash that I am going on this show, but I would like to point out that I have never before taken a week away”.

5. “My big thing is the coffin. I have made it clear that if I get a challenge like that, we won’t get any food. I am not getting in a coffin.“

6. “They have told me I can smoke, so I will be ok and that’s why I won’t miss anything. “

7. “My biggest phobia is losing. I hate losing – whether it is a match, an argument, anything.”

8. “I am a rather large gentleman and I adore my food… I am seeing this as an opportunity to lose weight. I am aiming for at least a stone”.

9. “I’d like to think I am a really easy person to live with but I have to admit that I did get upset when I was watching the programme”.

10. “I would never wind someone up but if someone has an argument with me, I am not going to lose.”