Beyond Imagination: The Strangest Offices Worldwide

If someone is tired of the traditional office, we offer to meet not only the offices in which disappear tables or other strange things happen, but also an office with an unusual design and atmosphere far removed from the traditional concepts of general workplace.

Office with monolithic structures without chairs


In the office there are no seats. All space is filled with monolithic structures on which to stand, lie down or lean. But no one here is complaining. This design – the creation of the design studio and artist Barbara RAAAF Visser- created under a single concept: “Do not Sit!”. Enable the installation to take any position other than the usual seat.

Desk in an office in the form of a wave



In the office, all the desktops of employees combined into one, change their shape and direction, the tape that forms the arch to separate zones in the office. Glossy smooth surface “Superstola” from designer Clive Wilkinson provides jobs for 125 employees of the company “The Barbarian Group” and gradually transformed into different types of furniture and roof. In the niches arranged shelves, cabinets and a secluded corners.

Office of cargo containers



Clive Wilkinson and the company became the authors Asociates another extraordinary ideas, set up an office for employees Pallotta Teamworks », whose territory was more than 4000 m2 warehouse in Los Angeles. It was necessary to develop a modest budget for the project on the areas where it is difficult to carry out even the air conditioning system. The authors approached creatively to solve a difficult problem: they created seven working island, fully equipped with climate-control system, while the rest of the territory remains intact.

Disappearing tables



And in the office in Amsterdam is simply impossible to recycle a set time. The fact is that due to the design studio Hedergroen, when working time ends, tables simply disappear. Computers, folders and other items left on the table, and the tables themselves raised the ceiling on steel cables. In the morning, the tables are lowered.

Office of BBC North



The idea of ​​BBC North create a comfortable working space was embodied Architectural firm «ID: SR», which successfully manage the available space. The designers have created a number of places for meetings, transformed the atrium, creating a secluded jobs where you can ponder and discuss ideas.

Google’s office in Tel Aviv and Zurich



Of course, all of the most creative companies are managers of Google, which is equipped offices unusual amenities that are beyond imagination. For example, in offices in Tel Aviv and Zurich are slides, fire poles for emergency descent and other devices so that employees move from one floor to another.

Meeting room “on the lawn” and treadmills


Benjamin A. Monn Photography 2014

Designers firm TKEZ office football Onefootball company in Munich, which is housed in the former factory treadmills organized throughout the area omescheniya, which amounted to about 1,400 m2. Impromptu lawn, as on the football field, extending from the elevators to the offices. He is even in the courtroom.

Paper cave in the architectural studio



Japanese architect Kataro Horiuchi imagined and make a reality of the “paper cave” – ​​white space, made of hanging from the ceiling sheets of fiberglass. Concentric sheets are twisted so as to create a ripple effect, and the table in the center is filled with holes of different sizes and shapes, and it seems that it floats.

The company’s office AirBNB



Modeled under the bar offices in Dublin AirBNB equipped reception area, which looks like on the bar – though there will not be offered a drink. Local architects of Henenghan Peng equipped place even bar furniture, put two traditional Irish telephone booths for personal calls.

Office of Yandex in Moscow



Continuing the theme of the modern organization of personal space in the office, Russian studio Za Bor Architects has issued a new office for the company Yandex in Moscow in the style of the compartments of the submarine. Jobs simultaneously separated and merged into a single space transparent panels with windows.

Office of Yandex in St. Petersburg



Walking through another company Yandex office in St. Petersburg, creature designers firm Za Bor Architects, aware that he was in a video game in 3D. The room is styled with a desktop computer – with icons and an unusual background. Big clock feature printing with a reception area looks like a text box. Visitors feel inside your computer.

Meeting room in the form of nests



Giant nest made of woven boards – a meeting room at the offices of Mumbai Baya Park, the brainchild of a local firm Planet 3 Studios. They were tasked to create room for negotiation in a transaction that would play more the role of receptionist. The key idea of ​​the company was to create an unusual, sculptural and dynamic structures and nest was excellent innovative solutions.

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