Stunning Balloons Attack ,In 1986, Cleveland, Ohio!

In 1986, Cleveland, Ohio, proved that the balloons that we all consider the symbol of celebrations and carnivals, can become a terrible proof of the correctness of the expression “good enough is enough.” It all started when one organization called the United Way has decided to set a new world record, while releasing into the air filled with the largest number of helium balloons. Photographer Tom Sheridan appeared close to the camera and filmed the event, turning chaos. United Way organization is a charity, and the purpose of this event was to raise money, but eventually the issue of 1.5 million colorful balloons over the city led to what has been spent on cleaning more than collected.

But ignoring all other things I see in the pictures I am just imagining the beauty of the live fest check out the pictures…

In 1986, Cleveland Got Attacked Balls ... (1)

1. Charitable organization United Way wanted to set the record for the number of balloons released simultaneously, – PR-move as many of these world records. Numerous volunteers filled 1.5 million helium balloons at the event Balloonfest’86.

In 1986, Cleveland Got Attacked Balls ... (2)

2. All this colorful splendor cost the United Way as much – $ 500 thousand.

In 1986, Cleveland Got Attacked Balls ... (3)

3. On that day, the storm predicted, so the organizers decided to release balls early in the morning. Start was fine. On the morning of September 27th 1.5 million balloons rose majestically into the sky.

In 1986, Cleveland Got Attacked Balls ... (4)

4. The colorful spectacle in the sky shocked locals and tourists. Colorful balloons filled the sky over Cleveland, and for some time, a rainbow burst into hundreds of thousands of balls. It was like a huge success. And then there was an accident …

In 1986, Cleveland Got Attacked Balls ... (5)

5.  When the rain still went balls were wet, but did not start to burst and fall to the ground. As a result, they closed the entire surface of Lake Erie.

In 1986, Cleveland Got Attacked Balls ... (6)

6. At that time there were works coastguard search two fishermen whose boat capsized. Later, these people were found dead in the waters of the lake. Have closed because almost the entire surface of the lake balls find the head man who is struggling to stay on the surface, it was virtually impossible.

In 1986, Cleveland Got Attacked Balls ... (7)

7. Balls also scared a few expensive racehorses who hurt each other, causing their owners filed for United Way organization in court. The point the way, they won.

8. One of the widows who drowned in Lake Erie fishermen sued the “United Way” for $ 3.2 million, and as horse owners, ultimately received the money.

In 1986, Cleveland Got Attacked Balls ... (9)

9. Though latex beads – biodegradable product, they induced a lot of rustling around the region before decomposed.

In 1986, Cleveland Got Attacked Balls ... (10)

10. So attempt to arrange a grand spectacle and break the record turned into a disaster, resulting in two deaths, a million lawsuits and devastating impact on the environment.


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