In The Frame – Wasp

Wasps – one of the most hated insects in the world. And the worst. But, as these pictures show, the wasps can also be nice … if you properly use the light. Photographer Irina Kozorog from Moscow attracted these insects to the sweets, such as raspberries, and then puts it in his garden for macro photography and get to work. Have a look…
1. Wasp is ready to drink a drop of water.

In The Frame - Wasp  2. Wasps gathered for raspberries. The party is in full swing!

In The Frame - Wasp

3. Wasp drinking water droplets in a garden Kozorog Irina in Moscow.

In The Frame - Wasp  4. 35-year-old photographer from Moscow, who is creating these images, wasp stung three times, but he waited patiently with a camera for ready.

In The Frame - Wasp  5. Irina – mother of two said “Usually, I photographed the ants, but this year i decided to do friendship with the wasps.”

In The Frame - Wasp 6. “In fact, the wasps are much smarter than I thought. We had to wait for half an hour, until one of them does not appear, but it was worth it. ”

In The Frame - Wasp  7. “As with all the other animals, wasps like when we talk to them. They love the calm voice and do not like fast movements. ”

In The Frame - Wasp8. “They behave as if dependent on the weather. The better weather, the wasps are more friendlier. ”

In The Frame - Wasp  9. “While I was doing these pictures, I was stung three times, but it was my fault. They never sting for no reason. ”

In The Frame - Wasp  10. “I just remember that I was on their territory, and that I am a guest here.”

In The Frame - Wasp  11. Wasp sucking grass, gracefully hovering over it.

In The Frame - Wasp  11. Wasp sucking grass, gracefully hovering over it.

In The Frame - Wasp   In The Frame - Wasp