Inauguration 2013: Readers’ hopes for the next four years

1. Robert Craft writes: “In the next four years, what I want to see most is an education reform. My children mean everything to me.

2. Sandy Wallace writes: “America is at a crossroads on the road to our economic future. On one side of the aisle in Congress.

3. Mark Manz, who got married in 2008 in California when gay marriage was legal there, now lives in Hawaii.

4. Rebecca Black writes: “Like many parents and grandparents, I fret about the world my children and grandchildren inherited from us.

5. M.B. Ellsworth writes: “Over the next four years, I would like to see the United States make an effort to protect and grow our domestic.

6. Jennifer L. Thompson writes: “Natural disasters are costing a fortune, natural resources will soon be depleted.

7. Al Lockwood writes: “Of the nearly 40 million people statistically defined as ‘poor’ in America, some 17.2 million are also labeled.