Incredible luck

American Neil Drerer who works for the preparation of the Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014, decided to take with them to America, a dog that the last few weeks was not far behind him not to move.
He even gave the name of the dog – Fischt, in honor of the Olympic Stadium in Sochi. Over the last month Fischt were made all the necessary vaccinations, and she received the necessary travel passport. Until the end Olympics, Neil gave the dog to a local nursery, where the dog will be warm and well.

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“I plan to take it with me in Denver. And I do not see any obstacles she is vaccinated, microchipped, it has all the necessary documents and passport. And while it is the only nearby kennel for dogs, where her stay worth 500 rubles per day, not including food. ”
flight from Russia to the U.S. quite expensive for animals, so Neil arranged a campaign to raise the funds required for the flight and have Fischt collected enough money. He said that all the extra money that was collected, donate to local organizations for the care of dogs.

I like the story so just I can only say that Please help animals….