Incredible Tattoo Art

Incredible Tattoo Art

Some archaeological findings confirm that the way people decorated almost three thousand years BC. Tattoo art existed among all nations, however, fond of them in varying degrees.

In Europe, tattooing has been practiced since Neolithic times. The ancient Celts and Germans covered their bodies with solid patterns.Descriptions of these tattoos gave Julius Caesar in his notes on the Gallic War. Amazing art in the creation of complex tattoos have reached residents of Japan, Australia and New Zealand. In Japan, yakuza members as a sign of their belonging to a particular group covered their bodies with tattoos extensive. In the nineteenth century, the Japanese authorities even banned from doing tattoos, and the ban lasted until 1948.

Today, tattooing has the status of a species of avant-garde art, and her fans are free to decorate themselves with the most fantastic pictures.

1. A female vampire - Mexican Jose Maria Kristerna tattoo at the International Exhibition in Monterrey April 3, 2011. Mary's body almost completely covered with patterns, and to simulate horns implanted under the skin of titanium implants, and, she claims that this was done without anesthesia.
2. Mike Curry demonstrates a tattoo that adorned his fingers. 9th Annual Tattoo Convention in New York, May 20, 2006.
3. Tattoo that adorns the chest of Mike Curry.
4. Match Masters of body art during the third Ukrainian Open Championship Tattoo and Piercing in Kiev, February 9, 2007.
5. Body Chuko Caballero adorns a gallery of portraits. 9th Annual Tattoo Convention in New York, May 20, 2006.
6. Lizard Man Eric Sprague, demonstrating its continuous tattoo, pointed teeth and a forked tongue on the show Ripley's Believe It Or Not! Odditorium in Times Square in New York, 21 June 2007.
7. 53-year-old-man cat Dennis Avner, not only decorated his body tattooed massive, but also made some cosmetic surgery to give themselves the greatest possible resemblance to a tiger. Show Ripley's Believe It Or Not! Odditorium in Times Square in New York, 21 June 2007.
8. The man shows her tattoo on the movie "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas." Picture taken at the first Tattoo Expo in Moscow, 26 August 2007.
9. Shoko Tendo, the daughter of a Japanese gangster Hiroyasu Tendo, author of "Moon Fkudzy" shows his tattoos. Tokyo, August 28, 2007.
10. Member of the London Tattoo Convention, October 5, 2007.
11. One of the festival Enoshima in the traditional Japanese loincloth fundoshi January 20, 2008. The festival takes place in Enoshima midwinter in the city of Fujisawa, south of Tokyo. Hundreds of participants carry a portable shrine dedicated to the sea during this festival, which takes place in honor of Day of Japanese majority. REUTERS / Kim Kyung-Hoon
12. International Convention for Tattoos in Taiwan, July 31, 2010. My wife is one of the masters of tattoo shows her tattoo.
13. Guinness Book record holder is British Isabel Varley shows his tattoos at the 18th Convention tattoo in Berlin, December 5, 2008. Isabel's body is decorated with pictures 200, which cover 76% of her skin. She herself says that only her face, the soles and palms are covered with tattoos.
14. This man was detained by German police when he took part in the riots, demonstrations aimed at undermining the supporters of right-wing National Democratic Party.
15. One of the festival Dutdutan in Manila, Philippines, September 18, 2009. Each year, this festival appeals to prevent discrimination against people who wear tattoos.
16. This photograph was taken during the Singapore Tattoo Show January 9, 2009. This event was the first event of such a plan, which was held in the city-state. At this 3-day show brought together craftsmen from Asia, the USA, Canada and Europe.
17. An unidentified man from Budapest shows a tattoo on his head during the 13th International Convention tattoo, which took place in Frankfurt, May 8, 2005.
18. Artist extreme stunts from the U.S., working under the pseudonym The Enigma (Enigma), driving a nail into his nasal cavity during the inauguration of the International Convention for the tattoo in Lima November 23, 2007.
19. Tattooed man during the 17th International Tattoo Convention tattoo in Berlin on 7 December 2007.
20. Chinaman Liu Ming shows his tattoos tattoo parlors in Beijing, July 10, 2008, before his body put on another symbol of the Beijing Olympics.

22. English soccer fans came to cheer for their team in Berlin.
23. Lu Xun poses for photographers during the International Taiwan tattoo convention in Taipei July 31, 2010.
24. Milenko Pashershash Bukovich shows photographers portraits of actress Julia Roberts during the photo shoot in Valparaiso, March 9, 2011. 56-year-old started making Bukovich do tattoos depicting the actress after watching the film with her participation - "Erin Brockovich." At present they have 82. Bukovich sells newspapers, and has already spent a million pesos ($ 2,500) for a tattoo. He intends to continue to complete his collection "as long as there is a place on the body and money."

26. Football fan - 41-year-old Martin Hueschen Dortmund looks at his new tattoo, which depicts the soccer club coach Jurgen Klopp Borussia Dortmund. The picture was taken at a tattoo parlor Unna April 20, 2011.
27. 50-year-old from Germany, Reinhold, whose body was completely covered with tattoos, at the 6th festival of tattoos Artline in Bruges, Belgium November 11, 2000.

29. A little boy at the hands of her father looking at the tattooed member of the 27th Frankfurt tattoo convention April 27, 2008.
30. One of the participants of the 27th Frankfurt tattoo convention, one of the largest in the world, 27 April 2008.
31. Artist in the traditional religious coloring appears in the opening ceremony of the International Convention for the Taiwanese in Taipei Tattoo July 30, 2010.
32. Dan Kollmeo shows a tattoo on his neck during the 9th Annual Tattoo Convention in New York on 20 May 2006.
4. Body Chuko Caballero adorns a gallery of portraits. 9th Annual Tattoo Convention in New York, May 20, 2006.
18. Isabel Varley, has the official title of the most tattooed woman in the world, shows his tattoo Gidzhone, northern Spain, May 15, 2009.

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