Incredible Three-Dimensional Street Art of Kurt Wenner

Incredible Three-Dimensional Street Art of Kurt Wenner

Over the years, street art became very wide and people love, and Different images and interactive illusions on the streets are now became a big part of art world. Street artist Kurt Wehner knows this kind of art very well, I have already given you lots his amazing unique work to check out in previous post.His amazing 3D drawings have stole lots of people heart all around the world, His paintings are the most diverse subject, they all share one goal – to invite the audience to participate in an event. Have a look…

1. Venus used to work at NASA. He uses his math skills to create a huge visual illusions.

 2. After Calculating line, form and perspective, he carefully paints his floor and wall murals and create three-dimensional figures.

 3. Further his creations “perk” people  photographing, interacting with the characters in the illustrations.

  4. Passersby enjoying and playing with pictures Venus.

5 . Every passer (or traffic) is trying to take part in what is happening in the pictures. For example, the cyclist.



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