Paper Castle (1)

Incredibly Beautiful Castle Made Out of Paper …

This is incredibly beautiful castle made out of paper …! A masterpiece – the work of Japanese artist Wataru Ituri. The one who surprises everyone with detail, patience, and the result of refinement of the wizard.

1.  What is even more striking, its the lighting. which is drastically changing the paper in a work of art.

Paper Castle (1)  2. In Japanese, this masterpiece is called “Umo but Ue but Oshiro,” which can be translated as “Castle on the ocean.”

Paper Castle (2)  3. Back in 2009 this masterpiece was exhibited in Umihotaru.

Paper Castle (3)  4. Umihotaru – an artificial island, is almost entirely made up of restaurants, shops and entertainment venues.

Paper Castle (4)   Paper Castle (5)   Paper Castle (6)   Paper Castle (7)   Paper Castle (8)

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