Photography of Insects in dew….!!

In this issue are pictures of insects in dew drops, made by Miroslav Svitek physio in the morning in the woods near his home.One complete life cycle or generation (from the egg on to the egg again) takes a full year for most insects, but there are many exceptions.Photography of Insects in dew....!!

Fast-growing aphids, for example, usually have 4 to 5 generations in one summer. The common fruit fly that we all see flitting around overripe bananas seems to be the record holder for the shortest life cycle–it may complete 25 generations in one year, though this occurs only in the tropics or in the laboratory. In contrast, one species of cicada requires 13 years in the South and 17 years in the North for its full life cycle. This is the well-known 17-year locust [cicada], which probably has the longest life cycle of any insect.

Scientists have named nearly a million insect species, yet the life histories are known for only a few thousand. And most of those species that scientists and naturalists have studied in detail are either harmful or beneficial to man. Life histories are absolutely necessary to pro perly manage most pestiferous species such as the ones that eat our food and those that harm us.
Photography of Insects in dew....!!“I have a book to help me find the insects, but because they are covered with dew, I think, to distinguish them almost impossible.” (Miroslaw Swietek / Solent)”


Photography of Insects in dew....!!“I took up photography two years ago to relax and get away from worries. I especially like to photograph insects and lizards . ” (Miroslaw Swietek / Solent)”


Photography of Insects in dew....!!

” Using a flashlight, a 37-year-old amateur photographer hunts insects in the dark. (Miroslaw Swietek / So lent)”


Photography of Insects in dew....!!

“this moth as if encrusted with diamonds.(miroslaw swietrk/solent)”


Photography of Insects in dew....!!

” Great photos of insects in dew(Miroslaw Swietek / Solent)”

Photography of Insects in dew....!!“You have to be very quick to make a good photo, because droplets disappear quickly.” (Miroslaw Swietek / Solent)”


Photography of Insects in dew....!!

“Miroslav lives with his wife and teenage son in Poland. (Miroslaw Swietek / Solent)”


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