Instagram’s Most Beautiful Photography moments from 2014

Here is a selection of photos from Instagram’s best photographers in 2014. You will be amazed how well these instaclicks have become.


33-year-old Peter Lovygin trained as an Architect and Became A well-Known Russian art Photographer, traveler and blogger. Since 2010, his work is represented in the gallery CLAIR in Munich.

Сантьяго-де-Куба #cuba

A photo posted by Petr Lovigin (@petr_lovigin) on

Симпсоны. из серии "Такеши Китано и другие иконы", 2007 #такешикитаноидругиеиконы

A photo posted by Petr Lovigin (@petr_lovigin) on

Instagram blogger Katia_mi – art Director at an Advertising Agency and A Member of the Russian Union of photographers. On her Blog signed by 427,000 people.

#Instagrammerdown VS #theworldneedsmorespiralstaircases in magnificent @corinnehotel in Istanbul.

A photo posted by _ K ▲ T I A● (@katia_mi) on


A photo posted by @pinkhassov on

Living in Paris George Pinkhassov – the genius and the only Russian photographer legendary agency Magnum.


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American photojournalist Steve McCurry is Best Known for His photo Made the Afghan girl with green Eyes. The photograph WAS taken in the Camp near Peshawar Pashtun Refugees. The photo WAS published in National Geographic Magazine in 1985 and was later called the most famous photograph in the History of Publishing. In January 2002, Macquarie teammates found the heroine of the picture.

Men lead camels into a dust storm in Rajasthan, India. #camels #Rajasthan #India #photooftheday @magnumphotos @thephotosociety

A photo posted by Steve McCurry (@stevemccurryofficial) on

Home of the tent! Nomadic bride and groom at north-east of #iran

A photo posted by Ako Salemi (@f64s125) on

Blogger f64s125 – Iranian photographer Ako Salem. He takes off black and white life of Iranians.

South part of #tehran

A photo posted by Ako Salemi (@f64s125) on

Man and the Bird, captured for @burndiary #tehran

A photo posted by Ako Salemi (@f64s125) on

David Guttenfelder – American Photographer, Chief Asia Photographer from the Associated Press Agency. He Became Famous for His work in North Korea.

This homemade water slide was set up on a hillside farm field for a family's 4th of July party in Adel, Iowa.

A photo posted by David Guttenfelder (@dguttenfelder) on

Hi-tech meadow in Seoul, Korea. @magnumphotos #seoul #flowers

A photo posted by Jonas Bendiksen (@jonasbendiksen) on

Jonas Bendiksen Norwegian – another representative of the agency Magnum.

Spooky building, Oslo @magnumphotos

A photo posted by Jonas Bendiksen (@jonasbendiksen) on

Dutchman Pieter Ten Hupen Lives in Sweden and is A photo Agency Vu. Among Other things, he took off in the North Caucasus.

Hello! #kenya #masaimara

A photo posted by Pieter Ten Hoopen (@pietertenhoopen) on

Aaron Huey, author instagram blog Argonautphoto, shoots for National Geographic.

Braids of the #Toklat River taken from a plane over #DenaliNationalPark on assignment for @natgeo magazine!

A photo posted by Aaron Huey (@argonautphoto) on

California photographer Matt Black removes, by his own definition, “the geography of poverty.”

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