Installation of 168 telephones, Resembling a gun

In the film “Carnival” sounded the legendary song “Call Me,” in which a phone call is compared with the thunder of heaven. But the famous Portuguese designer Joana Vasconcelos recently presented an interesting installation of 168 telephone reminiscent … gun Beretta. Perhaps the “deadly” force ringer is sometimes stronger weapons.



On the work of Joan Vasconcelos we repeatedly told .RF. Become famous artist various projects, including the creation of lace sculptures of animals and insects and shocking helicopter in the style of Marie Antoinette . The new installation is “speaking” the name «Call Center».Rare devices installed in such a way that together resemble a gun with a barrel hanging handsets.


Installation was presented for the first time a year ago in Lisbon at a fashion show Filipe Faisca Spring-Summer 2015 fashion show. “Gun” was installed directly on the catwalk, and models, showing outfits, circling around telephones. Installation has also been equipped with a sound system, specifically for the project was written by Joan Vasconcelos “Electroacoustic symphony for 168 phones” composer Jonas Runa.


Installation «Call Center» nga fashion show in Lisbon



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