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Many of us love and regularly consume fat. Is not it? From this post, you will learn about some really interesting facts about it, which is not only tasty but also very useful.
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Salo – this animal fat is deposited under the skin near the kidney, in the abdomen. It carries a reserve nutrient animal body consisting essentially of AED vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids that are involved in the construction of the body’s cells, and the formation of hormones and cholesterol metabolism. Moreover, they bind and remove toxins from the body.

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The word is derived from the Proto-Slavic BACON sadlo. Square sad – the same as in the word “sit”, Saddle – that’s what planted on the meat. Over time, the letter «d» fell from ancient language and get the word FAT. However, in the Slovak language, it still called sadlo.

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Fat is eaten fresh, salted, smoked, boiled, stewed or roasted, and has many forms, for example:

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-Cooked (salted or salty smoked) subcutaneous lard is called “bacon.”
Small-fried lard called “cracklings.”
Salo-streaked with meat called on Russian belly “or in English” bacon “.
Lard-called ” lard “and is used as a cooking oil.

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Caloric fat – 720-902 kcal per 100 g of carbohydrates – 0 g fat This kaloriysnost makes a good product for people living north of the harsh conditions or engaged in heavy physical labor.

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With the current sedentary lifestyle enough to eat 50 grams of fat per day to avoid getting fat.
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To avoid problems of constipation,just to all who are over 40, you should eat more fat, because it is an excellent cholagogue.

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Bon appetit!


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