International Human Rights Day 2012

International Human Rights Day 2012

1. People take part in a protest against the Norwegian Nobel Committee’s award of the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize to the EU, in central Oslo, Norway

2. Exiled Tibetans wear headbands during a rally to mark World Human Rights Day in New Delhi, India.

3. Photographs of Tibetans who have allegedly set themselves on fire in protest against Chinese rule.

4. Tibetan exiles residing in India participate in a protest march in Dharamshala

5. Tao Cheng-Chen of Taiwan and Estelita B Dy of the Philippines, two former comfort women lay flowers outside the representative office.

6. A policeman stands guard as protesters carry portraits of people who were killed in the past three decades of war and violence.

7. Indian policemen carry their injured colleague after he fell from a vehicle vehicle while detaining activists of Jammu Kashmir.

8. Nepalese police take away placards from exiled Tibetans as they participate in a rally to International Human Rights in Kathmandu.

9. Argentina’s President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner shakes hands with a performer from the dance group El Choque Urbano.

10. President Cristina Fernandez waves as fireworks explode behind the government house in Buenos Aires during Human Rights Day.

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