Invincible Michael Schumacher turns 46

Michael Schumacher – German racing driver in Formula 1, the seven-time world champion, two-time world vice-champion and three times bronze medalist, winner of many records in Formula 1 by the number of wins (91), podiums (155) , wins in a single season (13), fast circles (77), as well as titles in A row. His name has Become synonymous for A Long time, and journalists Gave HIM the Nickname “The Red Baron” Because of the similarity of national, race car “Ferrari” red, red sports uniform and his invincibility …

December 29, 2013 with the great Schumacher WAS an Accident – A nasty Fall on the Ski slope.Since then, he and His Family are Fighting for Life A full. Today marks the Birthday of an Athlete, and Bigpikcha Would like to HIM A Wish speedy recovery, strength and health.




1. Michael Schumacher was born on January 3, 1969 in Germany in Hurt-Hyurmuthaym Family mason. Who Would have Thought That A simple boy waiting in the future. “My Father WAS A bricklayer, we Were Pretty Poor. I WAS completely normal Childhood , as well as Any boy. I loved to play with friends in Football, But Also I practiced Judo and Went on the cards, “- says Michael.


2. HOWEVER, in the future That Influenced the Parents Choice of His son. Father Michael – Rolf – A map of make the Conventional lawn Mowers, and Which PASSED ITS first four meters Schumacher. Later, Rolf Organized ITS own karting center, WHERE A year later the young Race car Driver Won His first Trophy. In Six years, Michael Became the Champion of Club karting.


3. C since Schumacher ill races. He continued to Perform, and When an old Friend of the Family Bought A Ten-Juergen Dilke Michael new cards in the future STARS of Motorsport have the Opportunity to Travel All over the Whole of Germany, But only in the rank of the guest – as for a racing license for the time he had not yet reached the required age of 14. HOWEVER, some Were autopilots only too happy to do so.


4. As soon as Schumacher has Reached the Age required, he immediately Threw Himself into the fight. Michael Became the German Junior Champion year 1984-85, has Won the European Championship and in the WAS Second World Junior Championships.


5. But the events of 1985 Could be the end for Schumacher in the sport – in A Terrible Accident WAS Stefan Bellof, the Famous German Driver. Michael WAS stunned by this Event, Became more cautious and even Thought About Their future in the sport. Worried and Jurgen, WHO has Decided to Cease soon sponsorship Schumacher. HOWEVER, in 1986, Schumacher Returned to the sport and His Enthusiasm Returned and Jurgen. This year did not Bring an Athlete wins, But Michael Made it clear That no Other way he does not.


6. The main triumph was ahead – 1987 brought Michael championship title in Germany (by a margin of 15 points), Europe and the world, in 1988, Schumacher WAS in the German Formula Konig. He Confidently Won the Championship, winning 9 out of 10 races and finished at the Last Second stage. In addition, Michael WAS Second in F1600 and the Fourth in the Formula Ford.


7. In 1989, he Meets A brilliant Manager Willi Weber, WHO WAS Able to Provide with HIM A great future. In 1990, Michael gets in the German Formula 3 and it becomes the champion, and then starts to play for the team Mersedes- Benz in the category of sports prototypes, but good results could not show.


8. But a year later, fate smiled Schumacher, and in 1991 he made ​​his debut in Formula 1 Grand Prix of Belgium. Michael Schumacher impressed everyone, being 7th on the basis of Qualifications. He WAS Able to Instantly ahead of team-mate His , an Experienced pilot Andrea di Cesaris. After such resounding debut A Weber WAS Able to Join the team Benneton.


9. In the first Race for Benneton he finished 5th, ahead of team mate His, Three-time World Champion Nelson Piquet. In the remaining four races Schumacher has finished Twice in the points and Went Twice. In ’92, Michael Won His first race in Formula 1. He finished the Championship in 3rd PLACE.


10. In the 95th, he defended his title, ahead of nearest rival by 33 points. At this Point, Michael Already HAD 19 wins, 21 podium and 10 pole positions. If we exclude A few races in 1991, over the 4 years of his speeches, he only twice finished lower than 4th place (both times due to technical problems with the car).


11. Later in the team Ferrari, since 1996, Schumacher Won A victory after victory. But 1999 was a real black stripe in the life and career of an athlete, he’s made ​​it harder, showing that real talent did not save anything.


12. The Accident Happened at Silverstone, he Flew When to Turn Stowe and broke His leg after A Ferrari CrasheD into A Protective tire, Turned His Whole Life. “After I CALMED down strike, it seemed That HAD Been there no trouble, When Suddenly I Felt That Weaken the heart BEATS, and after A few seconds, everything WAS quiet. His Eyes Darkened, I Thought That I WAS dying. I do not know if it WAS fainting or shock, But I really like the heart Felt Stops.Fortunately , nothing Happened, But it WAS an interesting experience. ” But Returned to racing after 98 A sportsman days after the accident.


13. When he Returned, he immediately PROVE WHO is the Best pilot of modernity. On an Unknown Road in Malaysia, Michael Won the pole Position, Piloting as did in His Best years, Leaving rivals no chance.


14. There Schumacher and personal Life: Michael has A wife and two Children. By the way, the son of Schumacher – A young Race car Driver and team competition Serves as His Father.Became Famous racing and Native Driver Michael sconces.



15. But for all the good, unfortunately comes at a price: December 29, 2013 Schumacher with his son and his friends went to the ski slopes in the Alps, where he became the victim of a terrible accident: Michael tripping over invisible under fresh snow Stone Fell and hit the right Side of the head on the Ledge of rock and damaged the Skull. He Conducted two neurosurgical Operations, he WAS put into an artificial and Coma Six months later, Michael left the Hospital for Further Rehabilitation. Bigpikcha wishes HIM a speedy recovery and just know that it necessarily will succeed!

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