Japanese Researchers Gave a Hope of Cure For Baldness?

Japanese researchers have given a hope, they have found a cure for baldness. Recently, scientists were able to grow hair on the hairless mouse by grafting the follicles which are created from stem cells.

1.   A group of scientists headed by Professor Takashi Tsudzi science from the University of Tokyo , could not even “play” with the density and color of the hair. (Photo by Tokyo University of Science via AFP / Getty Images)

2. Their work was published in the magazine «Nature Communications».

 3. But do not throw your wig.

 4. These studies have not yet found, may be it is possible to increase the number of follicles for human hair to grow.

  5. Their is a need to implant the hairs one by one at a time, this process is much more capacious than the mouse.

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