Johnny Weismuller – Tarzan: a century

Johnny Weismuller – Tarzan: a century

1. The most famous Tarzan of them all – former swimmer Johnny Weismuller (Tarzan) with Cheetah, John Sheffield (boy) and Maureen O’Sullivan (Jane) in the 1936 film Tarzan.

2. Tarzan first appeared in the October 1912 edition of the magazine The All-Story. A copy was bought for $60,000 at auction in 2006.

3. Elmo Lincoln played Tarzan three times, starting with the 1918 silent film Tarzan of the Apes, which was directed by Scott Sidney.

4. The Son Of Tarzan featured Gordon Griffith and Mae Giraci, and was shown as a six-reel feature from May through December 1920.

5. The 1927 silent movie starring James Pierce as Tarzan and Dorothy Dunbar as Jane.

6. Frank Merrill first starred as Tarzan in 1921 and reprised the role in the 1928 film Tarzan The Mighty.

7. Maureen O’Sullivan, Cheetah and Johnny Weissmuller in the 1932 film Tarzan, the Ape Man.

8. Buster Crabbe, who won an Olympic bronze medal for the 1,500 meters freestyle in 1928, went on to win the gold medal.

9. Tarzan in The 1935 New Adventures Of Tarzan was played by Herman Brix.

10. In 1949, Lex Barker became the 10th official Tarzan of the movies.

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