Leaf blower portraits by Tadas Cerniauskas

Leaf blower portraits by Tadas Cerniauskas

1. Lithuanian photographer Tadas Cerniauskas photographed models as they were being blasted in the face by a high-powered jet of air from an industrial leaf blower. His models clearly weren’t put off by the old schoolyard saying: “If the wind changes your face will stay that way”.

2. Tadas said: “I wanted to do something very fun, to make people laugh and have a good time, so I invited some friends to take part and it grew. I was surprised there were so many laid-back people who were not afraid to look funny. Everyone was crying with laughter, laughing at themselves and at each other.”

3. “This series doesn’t have any hidden meanings, it was just a bit of fun. In a few days the project went viral and I got attention from the biggest media all over the world. Images on my Facebook page got three million views in a week. My web site went down because of the traffic, and it seems it’s not over yet.”

4. For more information visit www.tadaocern.com

5. A model is hit by a blast of air from a leaf blower in the studio of Tadas Cerniauskas






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