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Less Known Facts About Popular Movies

I really like to read Facts no matter in which subject that are, Today we have less known facts on movies, yes the famous movies you loved to watch but may be you don’t know about the facts behind it…..

1. Most popular movie TITANIC - Portrait of Rose, appearing in the movie “Titanic,” James Cameron painted by himself. After the shooting, he sold it for $ 16,000

Less Known Facts About The Movie (1)

2. In order to portray the hero of a missing tooth Ed Helms in “The Hangover” did not have to invent anything. The fact is the actor suffered allot. read out his words.

Ed Helms: “When I was 15 I lost a tooth and had an implant put in. Cut to 20 years later, I’m doing this part and the script calls for my character to lose a tooth. We did some camera tests blacking it out, we made a prosthetic with a gap in it, but that made me look like a donkey, so I vetoed that right away. And then I just finally called my dentist and said, ‘You know, I’ve had this implant for 20 years. What’s it involve in taking it out?’ And he said, ‘It’s actually not that big a deal. We can do that.’ So we took it out and I was toothless for three months, for the run of the movie.”

Less Known Facts About The Movie (2)

3. Young Wendy in the movie “Captain Hook” played Gwyneth Paltrow

Less Known Facts About The Movie (3)

4. In the very first draft of the screenplay, “Back to the Future” time machine was supposed to make out of the fridge

Less Known Facts About The Movie (4)

5. Pumbaa was the first Disney characters who experienced problems with the gases in the intestine

Less Known Facts About The Movie (5)

6. The first candidate for the role of Neo in “The Matrix” was Will Smith. But he refused, by choosing shooting “Wild Wild West”

Less Known Facts About The Movie (6)

7.  The role of “Maverick” in the movie “Top Gun” was supposed to execute John Travolta, but he asked for too much fee

Less Known Facts About The Movie (7)

8. Robert De Niro turned down the role of Captain Jack Sparrow, because he thought that picture waiting inevitable failure

Less Known Facts About The Movie (8)

9.  The face of “Alien” from the same movie is a “hybrid” features Albert Einstein and poet Karel Sendburga pug.

Less Known Facts About The Movie (9)

10. Cartoon “The Lion King” was originally called “King of the Jungle” – until its authors did not realize that lions do not live in the jungle

Less Known Facts About The Movie (10)

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