Apr 19, 2014

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Lets Take a Virtual Trip to The Kingdom Of Denmark

All aboard! lets Go on a virtual tour of Denmark. We will visit the towns and villages, will see the sea and the beauty of the mountains, we will learn something about the culture and the inhabitants of this wonderful country. So, go ahead, enjoy the beauty of the Kingdom of Denmark.

1. Sea.

 2. Danish flag.

 3. Winter meadow.

 4. Stag tries to impress.

 5. Somewhere in Denmark.

 6. Reflection.

 7. Myung island.

 8. Windy morning.

 9. Nyhavn (New Harbour) – the area of the Danish capital.

 10. Danish street quartet.

 11. At dawn.

 12. Coast.

 13. “Sugar King”.

 14. The very essence of Denmark.

 15. King of the forests.

 16. Kronborg Castle.

 17. Hmm, excellent points.

 18. Unevenness.

 19. Symmetry.

 20. Rainy day in Copenhagen.

 21. City views.

 22. Sunset.

 23. The elephant in the style of the Danish flag.

 24. Danish cuisine – beef stew.

 25. House in the old Danish design.

 26. Holy Spirit Church in Copenhagen.

 27. Opera House in Copenhagen.

 28. House-rock.

 29. Night bridge.

 30. Secret house.

 31. Copenhagen fashionista on a bicycle.

 32. Poppy fields.

 33. The west coast of Denmark.

 34. Copenhagen.

 35. Castle surrounded by canola fields.

 36. One of the many Danish castles.

 37. Sunset over the Royal Dramatic Theatre.

 38. The famous Little Mermaid.

 39. Gefion fountain.

 40. Country road in Denmark.

41. International jumping tournament.

 42. Race sailboats 2011.

 43. Mill in Castellet.

 44. Church of St. Alban.

 45. Four guys.

 46. Limestone.

 47. Ocean shore.

  48.  Denmark in 2011.

 49. Tivoli Gardens.

 50. Old Quarter.


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