Baby Rescue – Your quick actions sometimes can save a life???

Ludmila Osipova and Anna Berchatova, the most common student 8 “in” class Yarkovskiy school, hardly ever thought that human life will depend on them.

???  Your quick actions sometimes can save a life.
May 17 near building college located on the street. Dzerzhinsky Yarkovo, Luda and Anya went for a walk. The conversations girls do not immediately notice that someone calling them. Soon they ran girl with tears and a plea for help: her younger brother drowned in a deep ditch.
Girlfriends immediately rushed to the scene on that show girl. Girlfriend saw from afar that the boy is on the surface of the water. Running up, Anya rushed into the water and pulled the boy on the plate next to the ditch. But the kid was still in the water and pull it on it was difficult.Girlfriend called an ambulance and proceeded to pull the boy.
Once on shore, the baby opened his eyes. Noticing that he was not breathing, and Anya Luda immediately turned him over on his stomach and hit twice on the back. Water came out, saved screamed. At this time last ditch ran mother drowning child, stopped passing cars. In the blanket, which turned it wrapped boy, warming it up to the ambulance. She quickly came and the kid was taken to the intensive care unit, and a day later was transferred to a regular room in the pediatric ward.
attending physician Natalia Volz told about the state of the seven-year patient:
“I saw him already in intensive care. The boy was conscious, oriented in the ambient atmosphere. Once in the hospital, he immediately began to call her mother. Now he feels quite well. I think very soon we’ll write out. Just because the girl responded quickly and had a child primary intensive care, he was able to survive. Minute delay could cost lives. Girls, by the way, the next day came to the hospital, brought goodies. ”
In the hospital, the doctor told the boy that stood on the edge of the ditch, throwing stones and slipped.
Lyudmila Anna convinced that deep ditch, and still do not believe that saved baby. Although special lessons and they talked about first aid for drowning, hitting the real situation, they could not recall the theory.
Decisiveness schoolgirls – a good example for everyone. They did not panic and immediately acted to the end, made ​​a real feat.