Living Room Designs: Interior Trends 2015

The euphoria of the New Year has passed, you can get to work, it’s time to get acquainted with the fashion trends of interior design living rooms. This year we expect a wonderful combination of classic design with modern elements that will create a lively and playful atmosphere.

The explosion of colors



Gone are the days when in the living room were boring beige, white or gray sofas. Now you can play with bright colors, put in a room multi-colored sofa. Given the fact that most modern living basic background still remains neutral furniture can turn into incredibly beautiful colored accent.



This may be a bright red, pale blue, deep green or orange sofa fun. Any one of them will look harmonious in almost any interior. If there is a problem with the choice of a single color, the colored model omozhet solve it turned into a composite center and ensure a balance between tradition and modernity.

Luxury wall gallery



Collection of pictures or photos in frames on the wall can turn an ordinary house into a cozy and warm accommodation. Wall Gallery will give the living room a unique personality, which is so necessary to modern interior, filled with simple straight lines and glossy surfaces.



Gallery of design options can be many, while it does not necessarily make the process a collection of expensive paintings. You can use your favorite family photos. Using frames, similar in style and finish, will give them the appearance of this gallery. Black-and-white photos or monochrome paintings – another fun way to arrange a gallery in the living room, which undoubtedly attract the attention of family and friends. To make it look more impressive, you can make the background color.




The library in the living room – an easy way to convert it, the Bole that there is a huge selection of original sculptural models bookshelves and cabinets. Whatever the choice, you need to make sure that they look organically in the room, turning in its integral part.



It is not necessary to place on the shelves of tons of books immediately. It is better to gradually pick up decent collection of works. In addition, there is a place on the shelves for various decorative knickknacks.

Trёhnogy friend




At the end of 2014 broke the original interiors trёhnogy floor lamp that does not give the conquered positions this year. Even though free space – this is a sick theme for all, but for this fixture just need to find a place. It can be any dead zone. And if you allow room area, the lamp can be trёhnogy her real decoration.

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