Luxurious Huge Yachts From Around The World

The yacht is not only a symbol of freedom, but also a sign of luxury and wealth. Private possession of such a vessel, but still a decent length and equipment instantly elevate him to the rank of master elite. Not surprisingly, the principal owners of the largest and most famous yacht is Sheikh, oil and media moguls. For fans of voyages published colorful magazines, telling all the news in the field have a look.

1. Arrival yacht “King.”

Huge Yachts (1)
2. “A”.

Huge Yachts (2)

3. Yacht “Dubai” with an artificial island “Palm”.

Huge Yachts (3)

4. Biggest yacht of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid.

Huge Yachts (4)

5. Sultanate Omna – yacht “Muscat”.

Huge Yachts (5)

6. Prince Abdulazis yacht.

Huge Yachts (6)

7. M / Y Utopia

Huge Yachts (7)

8.  Huge Yachts (8)

9. The yacht “Lady Christina” River Festival in Troy, NY.

Huge Yachts (9)

10. The yacht “Lady Moura”.

Huge Yachts (10)

11. 133-meter yacht “Al Mirqab”.

Huge Yachts (11)
12. The yacht “Ice”.

Huge Yachts (12)

13. Luxurious yacht in Saint-Tropez.

Huge Yachts (13)
14. “Azzurra II”.

Huge Yachts (14)

15. “Avangard II”.

Huge Yachts (15)

16. Yacht in Split.

Huge Yachts (16)
17. The yacht “Maltese Falcon.”

Huge Yachts (17)

18. The yacht “Adix”.

Huge Yachts (18)

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