M-Blem – Personal Railway Transport

In any large, and not only the city certainly find a huge number of old railway lines that are unlikely to ever work for its intended purpose. It proposes to use them, and the French company HeHe as the basis for the creation of fundamentally new urban transport network – M-Blem .



In Paris, where the office design studio HeHe, dealing with issues of urbanism, from the thirties of the twentieth century is abandoned circular railway line – Little Belt . For decades it has been one of the main thoroughfares of the city, but with the development of underground its importance has come to naught, so that by the present moment, this line is overgrown with dense vegetation, and in many places at all was destroyed. But the project called M-Blem offers to return La Petite Ceinture new life.


M-Blem – a new kind of urban transport, having no analogues in the world. It provides for the launch of the ring rail hundreds of small cabins, which can accommodate a maximum of two adults. Carriages M-Blem will go on the ring line one after the other with little backlash, slowing down at stops to drop off passengers and gain new ones. The system will be fully automated – no drivers for the stable operation of this type of transport must meet the computer.


In the studio HeHe offer celebrate stop M-Blem as well as subway station – glitters M. In HeHe sure that systems like M-Blem can be deployed not only in Paris but also in any other city, where there is Do not operate the railway line.


This will give a new development both by settlements and areas along which this unusual transport system will take place.


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