Super duper Macro Photography shots by Arkadiusz Makowski

These fantastic macro photography of copyright photo essay “In space, green meadows” Arkadiusz Makowski, published in the journal National Geographic, were recognized as the best in the National Geographic International Media Conference in Washington in 2014 in the category «Best Extended Department». See extraordinary microcosm of green meadows.


1. Arkadiusz Makowski was born in August 1980 in Poland under the monastery at Jasna Gora (Jasna Góra). Lived and grew up in a small village near Czestochowa (Częstochowa). (Photo: Arkadiusz Makowski).


2. As a child, he decided to become a musician. Arkadiusz finished music school accordion and keyboards. (Photo: Arkadiusz Makowski).


3. After school, Makowski received an honorary male profession of construction machinery, which has not worked on any day. He became IT-ishnikom, and all the free time spent having fun at music events, ranging from jam sessions in hostels Czestochowa and ending with local concerts. As he wrote on his website, he would then “know and taste the culture and art Microcosm of green meadowsat different levels. ” (Photo: Arkadiusz Makowski).


4. Arkadiusz Then, under the strict guidance of his mother, who is engaged in painting, began to draw pictures. All his spare time he spent at the easel, inspired by the work of Alberta Bierstadta, but it sunk very quickly cooled. (Photo: Arkadiusz Makowski).


5. The way to Arkadiusz photos was truly tortuous and thorny. Before he first picked up a camera, and it happened 4 years ago, he worked in various organizations and associations in them being an activist, treasurer, examiner, etc. It was only when he became an active figure in the organization for the protection of water and environment, first picked up a camera. (Photo: Arkadiusz Makowski).


6. According to the photographer, it is the beauty of nature prompted him to to buy his first camera and capture the most beautiful corners of our planet. The first six months – it was while studying, trying to find himself in landscape photography, the exchange of views with other photographers. Over time, he began to receive better and better. And then Arkadiusz friends persuaded him to publish his photos. (Photo: Arkadiusz Makowski).


7. A self-taught photographer mastered the skill through trial and error. (Photo: Arkadiusz Makowski).


8. For the first time taking the camera in hand in 2010, in 2011 his works were awarded in several photo contests in Poland. (Photo: Arkadiusz Makowski).


9. For this macro picture, called “Elvis”, Arkadiusz won the prestigious Grand Prix National Geographic Poland. (Photo: Arkadiusz Makowski).


10. In the piggy bank Arkadiusz already have more than 15 awards in various photo contests. Although initially he specialized in landscape photography, his great talent revealed in macro. (Photo: Arkadiusz Makowski).


11. Currently, Arkadiusz Makowski conducts master classes in photography, teaches classes at the Cultural Center in Lyubavtse and participates in other educational programs. And of course the photographs for themselves, but also for customers around the world. (Photo: Arkadiusz Makowski).


12. In his work can be found on the website –, which, alas, only in Polish. Also you will find his work here: (Photo: Arkadiusz Makowski).


13. “In the space of green meadows.” (Photo: Arkadiusz Makowski).


14. Microcosmos green meadows. (Photo: Arkadiusz Makowski).


15. The inhabitants of the green meadows in the lens Arkadiusz Makowski. (Photo: Arkadiusz Makowski).

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