Mind Blowing Street Art By Famous David Walker – Female Portraits

Without the help of stencils or brushes, armed only with cans of paint and his own talent, London graffiti artists David Walker (David Walker) creates intricate and delicate maiden portraits.

1. David Walker has gained fame in the world of street art due to his original refined style.

2. Today, the artist’s work exhibited in galleries around the world.

3. As you’ve probably noticed, loved to draw for David Walker – it’s female portraits.

4. With all its different girls at the same time, but at the same time similar.

5. David does not use a brush, because fundamentally separates graffiti and traditional painting.

6. At first he only used black, white and pink colors, because it was cheaper and allowed him to concentrate on his drawings.

7. Then he stumbled upon a box of colored inks, which were once abandoned in the studio and began experimenting with so many colors, with what could, and then all at once.

8. Unlike many street artists who prefer to remain anonymous, David works in the public eye.