Mistletoe Drone Brings Kisses This Chrsitmas – San Francisco

Two San Francisco artists have decked out a drone with tinsel and mistletoe for an interactive exploration of Christmastime romance, ohh well after watching this i think we got a idea for a lovely game to play this Christmas. What do you say friends, READY TO KISS ???

George Zisiadis, 23, and his partner on the project, Mustafa Khan, 28, treated unsuspecting crowds in the city’s Union Square to some holiday romance by flying the drone over their heads, prompting kisses from the couples below.
On Tuesday, Zisiadis uploaded a video that captured all sorts of couples –– young, old, gay, straight –– taking advantage of the mistletoe moment by puckering up. And by Thursday morning, the footage had racked up more than 9,000 views.