Modern Floor Pillows : Excitement Guaranteed

Pillows are not new to us but what if these old pillows are presented completely in a new and stylish way. I think you all want to taste them, touch them, feel them and finally fall in love with them. So this article is taking you to the colorful and exciting world of the fashionable pillows. Come and enjoy it.

1) Buttered Pancake –

all of us love pan cakes and buttered pan cakes are the favorites. So the designer of this pillow very beautifully created it for you all. You will get addicted to it.

Buttered Pancakes Floor Pillow2) Full Moon Odeyssey –

after taking rest on this pillow you will find yourself as lucky as the Twilight actress Kristen Stewart. Afterall its name is Full Moon. You also look lovely girls, on this pillow.


3)Tree Stump –

infact the first love of the beavers but you will also love this pillow as it has an exciting design and unique color combination.

 Tree Stump Floor Pillow4) Floor Pillow Light –

First choice of children because reading was never so exciting before. But with these pillow every child wants to read more and more.

Floor Pillow Light5) Flying Carpet –

Think of the Arabian nights and magical carpet, but now you too have this flying carpet in your home. You are now feeling proud, I think.

Flying Carpet Floor Pillow6) Confort Thanko –

Really thank you ThankO because you gave us this comfortable floor pillow otherwise our arms will continue to bear the pain.

Modern Floor Pillows : Excitement Guaranteed

7) Lap floor pillow –

(Ahem Ahem !! ) The boys will definitely go for this one after all their dream is becoming true.

Lap Floor Pillow8) Tat Tris –

Look at the color, design and shapes. Are you getting? I think you all are in the world of tetris(a popular video game). Simply lovely.

TAT-Tris Floor Pillow9) Relaxand Floor Pillow –

You all want to relax your body and mind at home and this floor pillow helps you in the same, provides you complete harmony and mental peace.

10) Lime Floor Pillows –

Simple yet beautiful floor pillow which enhances the color and desigh of your home sweet home.

11)Living Stone Floor Pillow-

These wonderful pieces of furniture imitating the natural environment were created by designer Stephanie Marin. Made in the shape of coastal marine pebbles, these pillows can be arranged to fit any mood. Don’t they just want to make you jump on them?

Living Stone Floor Pillow

12)Zip Floor Pillow-

These cushions are always comfortable, cosy and handy, because it is easy and flexible to use them. ZipZip is available with different textiles and colors.

Zip Floor Pillow

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