Mom Of Lovely Creation

Today I’ll introduce you  Tanya Barakovoy  – Highly skilled worker, I will Show you how she gives his creatures kindness, modesty and a sweet charm. you cant imagine, what art you can make from the wool of various animals. After countless needle strikes, wool clouds can make , a dog, a hedgehog or a fox. But every artist really need to invest lots of her thoughts to make a masterpiece.

Войлок: мама для котёнка1. When my sister showed me a magazine Tatiana – Master of St. Petersburg – I was ready to break and go to the northern capital to meet the author of so memorable toys. When I entered the shopi felt that its already familiar to me,all the masters were there, and Tatiana started a master class. Before she began her studies in the light flurry of preparation I could not really get to know Tatiana, but my First impression of the experiences is good.I have good hands on her work.
Войлок: мама для котёнка2. Tatiana warmly greeted  their pupils, and began her story. At first, she distributed the set of needles, wool and white picture of the future toys – amusing kitten with a little bow on ear.  to all participants of the master class Tatiana explained in detail, what are the needle , which is wool (all possible colors and subtleties) and what all we have to do to get something beautiful .
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Войлок: мама для котёнка4. Toy eyes
Войлок: мама для котёнка5. And this is their noses painted toys
Войлок: мама для котёнка6. As always, while dealing with crafts, even the most beautiful thing starts with the simplest materials.Funny kitten  born from a small cloud of fur. In good hands and fingers, tangled strands of white very soon will turn into a ball – the future head of a kitten.  Under the multiple blows of the head things revealed like a nose, feline eyes and smiling mouth.
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Войлок: мама для котёнка15. On the cat muzzle meanwhile her cheeks, ears and eyes are appeared . Line shaping the expression of muzzles: someone tenderly plaintive, someone clever and mischievous. “You want him to leave such ears? You decide – you’re his mom. ” In the room its a complete silence and for a long time the only sound is the rustling of needles . And in that silence, we return to the story of Tatiana.
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Войлок: мама для котёнка17. Such a lovely work and stories of creative search.
Войлок: мама для котёнка18. I like working with wool, I felt that it was mine. I saw people’s reactions to my new job and realized that, as if I have obtained. For several years I even led courses at the School of dolls, but then had to give up – people started to sign up for lessons and schools. it was so lovely.
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19.sSome time before when the girls started to make a kitten paws. Tatiana explained how to strengthen the limbs and torso, so it looks natural. I noticed that in his cartoon, it look natural and anatomically correct  postures. When I asked, Tatyana said that the art school in every summer they practice in the zoo : animal drawing.

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Войлок: мама для котёнка32.Kind and motherly mistress belongs to his “Mama” – a word I had heard from her addressing his students: “You are his mom, only you can decide how it would be.” All the work of Tatiana, her attitude give the bright spirit of motherhood, the creation of this work is even difficult, its a birth of a new creature.
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