Most Dangerous Viruses Permafrost Found An Ancient Virus

French scientists had found a mysterious virus Pithovirus sibericum in the deep layers of permafrost at a depth of 30 meters on the Kolyma River in Russia.
The virus only infects unicellular organisms and are not similar to any known pathogen that can infect humans. However, the new discovery raises the possibility that global warming may lead to a revival of ancient or eliminate viruses. This may include viruses Neanderthals and smallpox, dormant in the ice thousands of years.
Pithovirus sibericum belongs to the family of giant virus discovered 10 years ago, and they are so big that they can be seen through a microscope. Virus size is 1.5 micrometers in length (1 micrometer = 10-6 m), being the largest of the detected viruses.

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virus infects amoebas, but not in cells of animals and humans.
Pathogen refers to a previously unknown family of viruses called Pithovirus, which third of the genes have something in common with other known organisms and only 11 percent with other viruses.

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In this connection there is the possibility that dormant viruses and eradicated in the Arctic may be reborn as the climate warms.However, not everyone believes that such viruses pose a potential threat. As explained Sattl Curtis (Curtis Suttle) Maritime University virologist Briatnskoy Columbia in Canada, we inhale thousands of viruses every day and swallow billions when swimming in the sea.
“I would be much more worried about the hundreds of millions of people who will move due to rising Sea, “- he explained.

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Most dangerous viruses
1. HIV -3.1 million deaths per year
2. Rotavirus -611 000 deaths per year
3. Hepatitis B – 521 deaths per year
4. Influenza viruses – 500,000 deaths per year
5. Hepatitis C – 500 000 deaths associated with the virus, a year
6. Measles virus – 197,000 deaths per year
7. Hantaviruses – 70,000 deaths per year
8. Rabies virus – 55,000 deaths per year
9. Yellow fever virus – 30,000 deaths per year
10. Dengue virus – 25,000 deaths per year