Most Expensive Cots in the World

Parents always want their children the best, ranging from toys and play areas and finishing nutrition and education. We offer an overview of the most expensive cribs, which will probably give much sweeter dreams.

10. Cot “Intellicot” – 1576 dollars

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At number 10 on our list is a cot “Intellicot” from the company Cencio cost 1576 dollars. It will be the best solution for those who are tired every night rocking the baby. Cot – is the fruit of creativity of four designers began to work together ever since studying at the University of Coventry. Smart cot has a number of features, such as: automatic rocking, soft night light blue, CCTV and system controlling air circulation for a pleasant coolness in the summer. It not only protects the child’s sleep, but also the health of the parents, so they do not hurt back when they need to stoop to the child.

9. Wrought iron cot with canopy – 3357 dollars

The cot is made by hand by talented blacksmiths. Company “Corsican furniture” for 40 years creates wrought products. This model is made of steel tubing with cast aluminum and iron reinforcing rods. Cot is available in different colors: silver marble, satin black, antique bronze, copper, brass marble, matte black, nickel.

8. Cots Corsican style and form of the carriage for Cinderella – 3749 dollars


The design was inspired by the crib fairy tale of Cinderella. Externally crib recalls pumpkin and costs 3749 dollars. It is equipped with large wheels, decorative canopy of vines, crowned with birds and leaves. Regarding the color gamut, one can choose from six colors, including steel, pink and white.

7. Forged cot “Versailles” – 3 $ 995


The design was inspired by the crib motifs wrought-iron fence of the gardens of Versailles, France. The cot is made of pure metal with decorative trim craftsmen from the US. If you’re looking for something French, this bed is perfect for the interior in the children’s room, of course, if you’re willing to pay about $ 4,000.

6. Cots “Good night” with cherubs – 4664 dollars


Treat your child and buy him a royal crib “Good night” with cherubim over 4664 dollars. The child really feel like a prince or princess. Crib is made in the old style and is decorated with gold and silver. There is an opportunity to buy the same crib in the color blue “Versailles”. Models equipped with panels with angels, decorative flowers and ribbons.

5. Cot “Camelot” – 7 $ 200


Cots “Camelot” created by “aBABY” of wood and painted in pink color manually. Painted in pastel tons panels crib is the fantasy of the royal gardens.

4. rollaway cot “Emily” B1 4 – 9 $ 995


Cots cost of about $ 10 000 is equipped with a handrail for which the child can keep walking. Cot on DaVinci Baby available in color schemes such as ebony, cherry, natural, honey oak, coffee and white. The cot has a high degree of safety for the child. In addition, it is equipped with environmentally friendly spring mattress and slats for added child safety.

3. Cot “coach his Majesty” – 19 $ 995


Under the third number in our list presented cot cost 19,995 dollars, which resembles a royal carriage. The frame is made of wood and cedar wood with decorative elements made of birch. It is equipped with one hand leather seats, which can withstand the weight of 12 kg, and the other – “luggage compartment”, which can be used as a table for diaper changing, and a round mattress.

2. Crib “Whimsical coach” – 65 000 dollars


The model has become so popular that many celebrities have tried to buy it for your baby, for example, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. The crib was manufactured in the USA by hand out of wood and fiberglass, and the diameter is 2 meters. It is known that Kim Kardashian loves the tale of the Little Mermaid, so the decor was executed in shades of aqua. Cot is available in two sizes: one for the child and for the twins.

1. Baby cot of pure gold – 16.4 million dollars


All agree that children deserve the best, but the 16.4 million dollars for this baby too! Cot of pure gold – a creation of designer Ximo Talamantes. At its production took 6 months and 188 kilograms of 24 carat gold. Together with the crib set comes from the pads, mattress, bed sheet and a protective coating. When buying products for their delivery will be insured. If you liked the shape of the cradle, but the gold version not afford, the more plastic models are available in white and pink colors that are a little cheaper.

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