8 Most Extraordinary Real Life Examples of Laser Lights

Fiction of the twentieth century were right that our time will be incredibly popular lasers. However, in contrast to their artistic projections, we use appropriate technology is not to create a deadly weapon, and in a wide range of areas of peace, sometimes in a very unusual context. Today we tell about 8 most unusual in the world of examples of the use of lasers in everyday life.

Cleaning fallen leaves before the train

In the Netherlands believe that leaves, fallen autumn on the railroad tracks, a negative impact on the process of transportation. After all, they are sticking to the wheels of locomotives, significantly increase braking distance, which could lead to potential disaster.Earlier in this country to clean the wheels of leaves used water and sand, but now decided to fix rather avoid the problem by using lasers.


The system is to be introduced on the railways in the Netherlands, involves the installation on locomotives trains of laser emitters, which can deliver the path of leaves and other debris directly while driving. Test test technology have shown that it works quite effectively when the train is moving at a speed of 80 kilometers per hour.

Virtual Laser Keyboard

More and more mobile devices will appear without its own physical keyboard. Its function in most cases replace the virtual softkeys.But there are people who do not have enough. They buy and numerous models of external keyboards, including, and created on the basis of laser technologies.


As an example of the latter can result in a device called Magic Cube, which can be projected using a laser virtual keyboard directly to your desktop or any other available surface at the moment.


Magic Cube is designed for owners of tablets and smartphones, which bothered concentration poke fingers in the screens of their mobile devices, afraid to miss the desired virtual key. This unit returns to us without external keyboard, in fact, these keyboards themselves as such.

Laser bike path

Each manufacturer in its own understands the term “smart” bike, but because vehicles with the same name can differ dramatically from each other functionality. One of the most unusual features, which appeared recently in the “smart” bikes is their ability to build their own tracks while driving.


After all equipped with bike paths, not all streets that cyclists ride. And at night, even the rare markings that already exists, it is not visible to motorists. But this problem is solved laser systems on bicycles.


They project the bike path in front of and behind the dark street riding a bicycle. This is, firstly, a very positive effect on the mental confidence cyclist, and secondly, make it visible from afar for other road users.

Guardian – laser beams for pedestrian safety

Offer a similar function to give lasers and creators of innovative security systems street called Guardian . It is an unusual method of psychological pressure on pedestrians and motorists who fail to comply with traffic rules, especially at traffic lights.


Guardian system involves the installation of special radiators on poles near the traffic lights. At the time when the red light for pedestrians pass the road closed to them with a laser beam. It disappears as soon as the light turns green, but there also appears across the street for motorists.


Of course, this low-power lasers can not cause any damage to people or motorists and their vehicles. But it will be a very effective psychological deterrent for them.

Laser football field from NIKE

NIKE company came up with an unusual way to ensure that residents of large and densely built megacities playgrounds. She created a mobile unit that can be moved from place to place and project there using laser beams field for the game of football .


This setting can be turned into a football field every flat surface portion, whether covered land vacant lot, parking supermarket or paving stones lined central square.


NIKE offers football fans gather in groups who want to play this game and send SMS to a special number with the time and place where the laser should come playground. The first such installation, a couple of years ago in Madrid.

Global Rainbows – 35-kilometer laser beam into the sky

Laser show in recent years has become very difficult to surprise people. Such entertainment is in many parts of the world, including in expensive hotels, shopping malls and the central squares of some cities. And in New York in November 2012 there was a short laser installation titled Global Rainbows.


Global Rainbows represents a powerful bundle of seven laser beams of all colors, which can be directed in the same direction or in different ones. Power setting allows these rays reach the length of thirty-five kilometers.


Installation Global Rainbows about the consequences of the famous Hurricane Sandy struck New York City in October 2012. This giant rainbow appeared in the sky over the metropolis, shows that the city is ready to later life, he survived the catastrophe and continues its development.

Laser costume for parties

Taiwanese designer named Wei-Chieh Shih has created a very special costume for parties that can surprise even the biggest clubbers.It’s not even clothes, is a powerful laser system, illuminating its red glow all around.


Wei-Chieh Shih attached to his suit hundred low-power laser systems that can generate beams in different directions. So the author of this unusual attire on vechernika looks laser hedgehog or porcupine unkempt.


Laser cannons against drones

But there is also in our time, and laser weapons. However, this is not personal blasters from a science fiction movie, but powerful cannon that can shoot down drones.


Such weapons have recently introduced the People’s Republic. Innovative air defense system can detect five seconds drone flying up, as accurately calculate its location and shoot using a powerful laser beam. However, this system works perfectly only in those cases where the drones are not more than two kilometers from the gun and fly with speed not exceeding 180 km / h. However, the size of the target itself may be even less than one meter.


However, such laser guns exist only in a few experimental copies. To the mass of their use in military purposes, is expected to be held not less than ten years.

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